At least that’s what these 3 judges in Peru think

Protestors in Dublin over a similar case Gareth Chaney, Collins

A 20-year-old woman’s rape case was thrown out in Peru due to the judges saying that because she was wearing “lacy red underwear” to a party, she was intending to have sex and therefore couldn’t have been raped.

Judges Ronald Andia, Diana Espino and Lucy Chacaltana fully and completely acquitted…

They chose to fight back against the sexist rules of male-dominated sports

Credit of @norwaybeachhandballwomen/Instagram

Honestly, when I saw this news article I thought I was reading The Onion. Sadly, I wasn’t.

Earlier this week, The Norwegian Women’s Beach Handball team was fined 150 Euros each (about $175 US dollars) for choosing to wear spandex shorts over bikini bottoms during a recent game against Spain…

What would you say if I asked you to describe what you think an autistic person looks like?

Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

I published a story last spring that has since gained thousands of new viewers.

I had no idea my post would reach so many people, and was blown away by how many responded with their own touching stories of their late diagnosis or their experience with an autistic loved one…

Last month, 28-year-old “van life” and Instagram influencer Lee MacMillan took her own life.

Lee MacMillan

*Trigger Warning* Article contains mention of suicide and disturbing facts about social media and mental health

I didn’t follow Lee on Instagram or YouTube, nor did I know her personally, but something in me broke a bit after reading this. I also struggle with mental illness and even have had…

Never had I witnessed a man encompassing such gallantry — nay — such confidence!

Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Unsplash

I remember the day I saw him.*

It was early April and the sun was high. My dog Nora was happily swinging her bushy tail as we ran together in unison down the sidewalk for her daily run. …

Ahhh, Pride month.

Half-dressed people with glittery rainbow hearts pasted over their nipples.

People taping their feet to impossibly high stilettos so they don’t break their ankles as they race each other down cobblestoned streets.

Thousands of gay and lesbians couples walk hand in hand while ceremony waving their rainbow…

Performance Reviews in Pajamas by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Recently my boyfriend came across a post on Linkedin from a young and “trendy” software company based in our city of Barcelona.

It read:

“The New Normal.

What does it mean for us? It means we get another full half of an office, conquering the whole 6th floor!

More seats…

Photo by Jeryd Gillum on Unsplash

The first 29 years of my life were painfully spent agonizing and tormenting myself about why I constantly felt so fucking different than everyone else.

There was a never-ending narrative that I mulled over in my head reprimanding myself for feeling like I was an accident created without any sole…

Photo by Donald Tong

I remember the first movie I saw in the theaters by myself. It was 2010, and I had just seen Shutter Island with a group of friends. After the movie ended,


I remember sitting in my seat completely dumbfounded…

Jennifer Muldoon

She/her American living in Spain. *Top 1,000 Medium Writer and Member favorite*.

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